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Gingerly Foolish is the place where people which share interests for diving, yoga (prāṇāyāmameditation, etc) mindfulness and everything related, can find informations or events to explore these topics. This website's name was born from the creative spirit of those who live and think outside the box, people who consciously choose not to conform to some "frivolous" rules. We like to consider ourselves to be "cautiously reckless" aka "gingerly foolish". Go check the blog to find out more!

yoga - meditation 

Gingerly Foolish has been practicing Yoga for over ten years, studying the classic yoga text books of classical Indian philosophy. Studying meditation following different approaches, practicing āsana with haṭha and aṣṭāṅga style. Certified teacher in both yoga style in India with an international school Yoga Alliance certified. Sharing yoga, prāṇāyāma and meditation sessions since early 2014. Constantly updating my studies to keep in contact with topics from different point of view as deeper as I can. 


breathing - Prāṇāyāma - diving

Gingerly Foolish has been practicing breathing techniques and prāṇāyāma since 2009. Studying years the basics of the techniques and anatomy under the guide of various respected teachers and Gurus. Free diver and scuba diver for passion with an huge love for the sea and everything underneath. 

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