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For NON-CONVENTIONAL world inhabitants!

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talking t-shirt 

is born from the creative spirit of those who feel outside the box and stereotypes imposed by modern society. Born for people who consciously choose not to conform to these "frivolous" rules, with an ironic connotation, we like to consider us to be cautiously reckless aka "gingerly foolish".  See more here!

More than just T-SHIRTS!

We like to wear things which will interact with us every time we'll look at it! ​

It will be a reminder!

It will be a laugh! 

It will be food for thoughts...

It will be your personal note repository 3.0!!

Only for unconventional people!


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Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, but must be personally experienced.

Never stop being curious about Life! 

niche and UNIQUENESS

Some t-shirts are designed to be unique. You wouldn't wear the exact same as someone else, but most importantly you would wear something which will interact with you every time you'll look at it! ​It will be a reminder, it will be a laugh, it will be food for thoughts! ​