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Meditation transforms our mind, even neuroscience agree. As a technique, it encourages to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and calm. All of this, can help us try and see the true nature of things. By meditating we learn new patterns and habits for our mind which happens to be healthier. Regular practice of these "focused states of mind" can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energized states of mind which also leads us to a more conscious knowledge of our own mind and behavior. We can reach a transformative effect which can leads us to a new understanding of life and ourselves. Many things in life will remain out of our control but it is possible to take responsibility for our own actions and our state of mind to change for the benefit of all.


We have drop in classes most days either morning and evening and we run also workshops. We practice haṭhastyle (sometimes more dynamic, others more meditative) but our main focus remains breathing. We have a particular attention to adapt asana's practice to one's need and a careful attention to alignment. Our āsana sessions are on an ongoing small groups basis to individuals. With focused practice of Asana and Pranayama we bring consciousness into the body and breath and increase our control of physiological functions, which helps develop greater subtlety of awareness, the first step towards meditation. As our practice becomes more aware we can then release blockages in the physical and energetic bodies.

Yoga was developed also as a "discipline" that seeks the harmony between flexibility (fluidity) and strength (energy) by people who lived in extreme conditions, to optimize the adaptive capacities of our specie and explore human potential. Physical practice, combined with breath and meditation, is a powerful tool to increase strength and flexibility both in our body and our mind. The āsanas are an excellent preparation for prāṇāyāma and meditation which help to explore and discover more about our mind and our energy.  


The Sanskrit word "yog" become from yuj (to yoke) which is mostly interpreted as "union" such as a discipline. Even if today most people practicing yoga are engaged just in physical postures (identify with āsana) and very few acknowledge that actually postures were designed to purify the body and provide the physical strength to sit for long periods meditating (āsana "sitting down", from āste “to sit down”). Yoga includes a lot of aspects, such as all the Rāja Yoga's one by The Yoga Sūtras by Patañjali (yama = restraints, niyama = observances, āsana = sitting posture, prāṇāyāma = breathing, pratyāhāra = withdrawal of senses, dhāraṇā = concentration, dhyāna = meditation, samādhi = liberation, enlightenment) and so much more.